IMIA Academic Representative:
Louise Pape-Haugaard, Associate Professor
Department of Health Science and Technology, Centre for Health Informatics




The Danish Centre for Health Informatics (V-CHI) at Aalborg University is performing:
– research
– development
– education
– consultancy
within the field of information technology in the health care sector.

Research and competence fields

The Danish Centre for Health Informatics at Aalborg University contributes to the research and understanding of the interrelationship between health problems, the organization of the health system and information technology.

The basic research fields are:
– assessment and implementation
– communication and competence development
– database systems
– information architecture
– decision support systems
– organization and management
– quality development and assurance
– user interface and usability technology

Other competence fields:
– network creation and management
– knowledge and research flow between university, industry and clinic
– education and training
– project initiation and management

Through the anchoring of the Danish Centre for Health Informatics in the wide span of competences at Aalborg University, we work on the basis of an interdisciplinary understanding of the problems and views of the solutions in health informatics.


Aalborg University offer a three year Master Degree in Health Informatics attended by more than 120 midcareer students a year from all Scandinavia and Iceland and Greenland. A five year master program in Health Science and Technology and a five year master program in industrial medicine. The Danish Centre for Health Informatics aims to create a positive synergy between research, clinic and industry to the benefit of the educational program.

Conferences, workshops and newsletters

The Danish Centre for Health Informatics organizes conferences, workshops and seminars on current topics in health informatics. In addition, we publish a newsletter three times a year. For other information on our activities, please consult our web site:


The Danish Centre for Health Informatics participates in national and international health scientific projects within our research and competence fields.

For further information on our projects and activities: