SIG01 – Nursing Informatics

WG05 – Health and Medical Informatics Education

WG08 – Health Information Systems (HIS)

WG09 – Health Record Banking (HRB)

WG10 – IMIA History Biomedical & Health Informatics

WG11 – Human Factors Engineering for Healthcare Informatics

WG14 – Open Source Health Informatics 

WG15 – Organizational and Social Issues

WG16 – Participatory Health & Social Media

WG18 – Primary Care Informatics

WG19 – Security in Health Information Systems (SiHiS)

WG21 – Standards in Health Care Informatics

WG22 – Technology Assessment & Quality Development in Health Informatics

WG23 – Telehealth

WG24 – Wearable Sensors in Healthcare