Open Call for participation

In accordance with recommendations made by the IMIA General Assembly, the Nominating Committee makes public a request to all its Members to appoint nominees for the positions and terms presented below.

The IMIA Executive Office proposes that all nominations be made and voted one year before the corresponding formal term begins. The reason for this approach is to have better continuity and involvement, as the transition can be smoother and more effective.

Nominations for any open position listed below must be made on behalf of an IMIA member society, corporate or academic member, accompanied by a letter of recommendation that supports and clearly states the reasons for the nomination, taking into account the profile, expectations and skills related to each position as described is this document.

The deadline to submit a nomination is March 31, 2017 (11:59 PM PT) and must be addressed to the current chair of the IMIA Nominating Committee, Dr. Lincoln de Assis Moura Jr., IMIA Past President.  Send the nominations directly to IMIA CEO, Elaine Huesing at and copy Brenda Faye, IMIA’s Administration Coordinator, at .

The positions to be filled in and their terms are as follow:

IMIA President-Elect  (term 2017-2019, becoming IMIA President in 2019 for the term 2019-2021)
In addition to presiding over the IMIA board and IMIA Executive Office, the IMIA president has a variety of responsibilities. As “chief volunteer,” the president works with the CEO, board, staff and the IMIA Family to further the organization’s mission. (Read More…)

IMIA VP MedInfo (term 2017-2019, with a term that overlaps with that of the current VP MedInfo for one year (2018), as approved by the IMIA GA)
The VP MedInfo is ultimately responsible for planning and coordinating a successful MedInfo, from the scientific as well as organizational points of view. The VP MedInfo works with the IMIA Executive Office, the Scientific Program Committee, the Editorial Board, the Local Organizing Committee and several other players in order to define a timeline of events, the need for funds and all actions related to carrying out a successful MedInfo. (Read More…)

IMIA Secretary (term 2018-2021)
The IMIA Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board’s business was conducted. (Read More…)

IMIA VP Membership  (term 2018-2021)

The IMIA VP Membership is responsible for retaining, increasing the numbers and improving the quality of the membership to IMIA, in accordance with IMIA Strategic Plan, so that the organization can increase its reach and be more relevant to our members and our community. (Read More...)

IMIA Treasurer  (term 2018-2021)

The IMIA treasurer focuses on finances. The treasurer is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the financial oversight and financial health of the organization for the board and the GA. The treasurer attends all board meetings and GA meetngs, reporting to both, understands accounting for non-profits, relates with the finance committee, and manages IMIA’s finances. (Read More…)

(Note: Some positions suggest prior IMIA Board experience – for information on current and past Board appointees please see – IMIA Board )