Quality, Safety and Outcomes Track: Quality Improvement Theme

Topic: New Service Delivery Models


Id 52: Barriers to seasonal influenza vaccine uptake in a pediatric inpatient healthcare setting after implementation of clinical decision support (S Kandaswamy, E Masterson, R Blanco, P Shah, P Lantis, S Iyer, A Shane, S Jernigan, E Orenstein)

Id 148: Using informatics framework in immunosuppressed or transplanted patients for a preferential care route at the emergency department (C Ungaro, F Binder, D Luna, JA POLLAN, B Martinez, O Jáuregui, MF Grande Ratti)

Student Papers

Id 343: Feature Engineering for Interpretable Machine Learning for Quality Assurance in Radiation Oncology (M Pillai, K Adapa, J Shumway, J Dooley, S Das, LM Mazur)

Id 350: Assessing Patient Satisfaction with Teledermatology Implementation during the COVID- 19 Pandemic (S Khairat, J Hamad, A Fox)

Topic: Measuring Outcomes


Id 281: Natural Language Processing to Identify Abnormal Breast, Lung, and Cervical Cancer Screening Test Results from Unstructured Reports to Support Timely Follow-up (C Diamond, J Laurentiev, J Yang, A Wint, K Harris, T Dang, A Mecker, E Carpenter, A Tosteson, A Wright, J Haas, S Atlas, L Zhou)

Id 332: Using Publicly Available Recall and Safety Alert Reports for Learning From Technology-Induced Error (E Borycki, A Kushniruk)

Student Papers

Id 322: Business Intelligence Dashboards for Patient Safety and Quality: A Narrative Literature Review (A Davy, E Borycki)

Id 347: Using Socio-Technical Context to Understand the Role of Informatics in Guideline Implementation: Assessing Risks from Chronic Opioid Therapy in Primary Care (M Mishra, M Pickett, N Weiskopf)


Id 25: Consideration of usefulness of leakage prevention system for critical diagnostic information transmission (Y Tani, T Hayashi, T Iwata, H Hirokawa)

Id 291: COVID 19 Care Call-in Helpline. A Report from India (N Khan, M Sen, SB Gogia, GS Jaiya, V Garodia, J Maheshwari, A Ramachandran)