Quality, Safety and Outcomes Track: Patient-facing Technology Theme

Topic: Personal Health Records


Id 275: An online community for patient with psoriasis with built-in self reported questionnaires (G Colussi, D Inda, L Bruchanski, F Binder, B Hernandez, MJ Cura, ML Galimberti, L Mazzuoccolo, J Sommer, F Plazzotta, D Luna)

Id 278: Designing an atopic dermatitis community that integrates patient self-uploaded information into the EHR to optimize follow-up (G Colussi, D Inda, Y Zin, S de Matos, M Angles, S Bruey, A Lanteri, L Mazzuoccolo, D Luna, F Plazzotta)

Id 331: Telerehabilitation for Patients with Cancer: A Scoping Review (P Rocco, J Finkelstein)

Student Paper

Id 260: Should app self-management mean self-control? A quantiative study on app supported diabetes self-management (L Reineke, U Hübner, S Niemöller, JD Liebe)


Id 132: Identifying implementation strategies to enhance the uptake of OpenNotes in mental health settings: A study protocol (I Kassam, B Lo, K Durocher, N Shen, G Strudwick)

Topic: Fitness trackers

Student Papers

Id 174: Obstructive sleep apnea home-monitoring using a commercial wearable device (M Mokhtaran, L Sacchi, V Tibollo, I Risi, V Ramella, S Quaglini, F Fanfulla)

Id 203: Using a wearable device and patient reported outcome to evaluate the influence of Sleep on Quality of Life among Breast and Prostate Cancer patients (E Dhar, D Barsasella, S Srikanth, AK Panja, S Malwade, S Syed Abdul)


Id 75: Informing the product development of an mHealth solution for people with Multiple Sclerosis through Early Health Technology Assessment (G Giunti, J Haverinen, J Reponen)

Topic: Social Media


Id 349: Latent linguistic motifs in social media postings resisting COVID-19 misnformation (TKR Singh, S Olivares, S Myneni)

Student Papers

Id 50: To Improve Supportive Care for Patients Taking Oral Anticancer Agents (L He, T Song, Y Jiang, P Yu, L Song, Y Gong)

Id 65: Data Veracity of Patients and Health Consumers Reported Adverse Drug Reactions on Twitter: Key Linguistic Features, Twitter Variables, and Association Rules (T Lyu, A Eidson, J Jun, X Zhou, X Cui, C Liang)