Quality, Safety and Outcomes Track: Innovation Theme

Topic: Emerging Technologies


Id 15: Teamwork and Patient Safety in Intensive Care Units: Challenges and Opportunities (Y Chen, Y Gong)

Id 182: Introducing Augmented Reality Technique to enhance the Preparation Circuit of Injectable Chemotherapy Drugs (S ben othman)

Id 189: Digital Methodology for Mobile Clinical Decision Support Development in Long-Term Care (M Gallimore, C Howland, JA Chase, A Grimsley, C Emezue, K Boles, A Anbari, L Sherwin, A Vogelsmeier, L Popejoy, M Rantz, B Reeder)

Id 208: Compiling criteria for assessing essential aspects of home exercise performance: A questionnaire-based approach (B Saalfeld, L Elgert, B Steiner, KH Wolf)

Id 269: Designing A Cloud-based System for Affordable Cyberinfrastructure to Support Software-Based Research (B Anderson, J Cameron, U Jefferson, B Reeder)

Id 308: Bibliometric Analysis of Chatbots in Health- Trend Shifts and Advancements in Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Conversational Agents (M Pears, S Konstantinidis)

Id 330: Telehealth Use in Prenatal Care (C Gao, S Osmundson, B Malin, Y Chen)

Student Paper

Id 316: Use of Robots to Support those Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers (E Wagner, E Borycki, A Kushniruk)


Id 144: Web-based nursing intervention to promote healthy lifestyle of older adults living with coronary artery disease : Protocol for a mixed method pilot study (A Lavoie, V Dubé)

Id 245: Chinese Medical Students’ Acceptance and Use of e-Health Services (J Yao, C Ji, Z Lin, X Jia, X Shen, L Wen, Y Jiang, R Yang)

Id 325: Telehealth Uptake into Primary Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic (C Gao, B Malin, Y Chen)

Topic: Novel Applications


Id 43: Can we do better than gesturing? Requirements for a digital communication aid to sup- port non-verbal communication in paediatric emergency care (B Kaufmann, A Haldemann, C Lueg, L Olalia, F Thilo, K Denecke)

Id 338: User-Centered Evaluation of a Visual Annotation Tool for Rapid Assessment of Pediatric Weight Entry Errors (DT Wu, P Van Camp, A Kim, M Parikh, L Liu, M Cecilia Monifa, N Yizhao, A Spooner)

Student Paper

Id 210: A mobile health application to enhance self-management skills of patients with shoulder impingement syndrome during rehabilitation (S Hacke, P Krämer, B Steiner)


Id 95: Building a Genome Archiving and Communication System integrated into a Health Information Systems (M Brunner, F Jauk, N Candenas, A Cancio, D Luna, S Benitez)

Id 181: Using Facebook™ as a platform for remote patient care to address rehabilitation needs in a resource-limited environment during a crisis (SN Silva, MDAI Karunaratne, JS Jayalath, RD Chathuranga)

Id 274: G-Lens: Using HL7 FHIR International Patient Summary to highlight key information in Medication Leaflets (A Moen, C Chronaki)

Topic: Governance, Change and Adoption


Id 187: ISO/IEC-standards on quality and safety of telehealth services and mobile medical apps (W Meijer, A Taylor)