Quality, Safety and Outcomes Track: Evaluation Theme

Topic: Methods


Id 99: Proposed Patient-Inclusive Methodology for Developing and Validating Patient Experience Surveys (M Izower, Y Quintana)

Id 213: SHACL-based Report Quality Evaluation for Health IT-induced Medication Errors (J Wang, D Keuchel, N Spicher, M Völcker, Y Gong, T Deserno)

Id 288: Modification and Validation of a Maturity Assessment Tool for Public Health Information System implementations in Sri Lanka (J Wijayarathne, R Hewapathirana, V Dissanayake)

Id 295: Remote Usability Testing to Facilitate the Continuation of Research (L Sherwin, J Yevu- Johnson, M Matteson-Kome, M Bechtold, B Reeder)


Id 83: How to Retain Participants in User-centered Design? Towards Recommendations for Minimizing Dropouts (AJ Fagerlund, BF Smaradottir, E Salvi, A Fredeng, JG Bellika)

Topic: Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety


Id 86: Perioperative Care Structures and Non-Routine Events: Network Analysis (Y Chen, MW Alrifai, Y Gong, R Evan, J Slagle, B Malin, D France)

Id 89: Patient Safety Informatics: Meeting the challenges of emerging digital health (C McInerney, J Benn, D Dowding, I Habli, D Jenkins, C McCrorie, N Peek, R Randell, R Williams, O Johnson)

Id 90: Evaluation of telehealth service for COVID-19 outpatients: a dashboard to measure healthcare quality and safety (A Pedretti, S Márquez Fosser, RJ Mercau Cossio, JA Esteban, MDLP Rodriguez, B Martinez, S Frid, D Luna, AMA Iannicelli, F Plazzotta, MF Grande Ratti)

Id 93: Recurrence of hypoglycemia in hospitalized adult patients in non-critical areas: an opportunity to improve patient care using Electronic Health Records (L Llera, MF Grande Ratti, O Jáuregui, C Otero, D Luna, MA Burgos, MP Russo)

Id 145: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on telehealth and in-person visits: implications from an Emergency Department in Argentina (MF Grande Ratti, S Frid, MDLP Rodriguez, JA POLLAN, LA ROVEGNO, JA Esteban, D Luna, B Martinez, A Pedretti, F Plazzotta)

Id 202: Overriding Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts in Clinical Decision Support Systems: A Scoping Review (V Subbian, L Villa Zapata, RD Boyce, JR Horn, PD Hansten, SM Gephart, AV Romero, DC Malone)

Id 206: Just Talk to me – A Qualitative Study of Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Departments (M Haug, M Dahm, H Gewald, A Georgiou)

Id 339: Implementation and Analysis of an Institution-Wide EHR-Integrated Handoff Note (E Arsoniadis, C Jahansouz, R Khatri-Olson, S Skube, J Marquard, M Kim, T Bjerke, T Kaun, G Melton-Meaux)

Id 341: Testing a Novel Inpatient Respiratory Depression Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) for Orthopedic Practice in Two Large U.S. Health Systems (A Syrowatka, T Li, M Curtin-Bowen, A Pullman, SR Lipsitz, M Sainlaire, W Song, T Thai, A Businger, KJ Bozic, WA Jiranek, JR Lieberman, DW Bates, P Dykes)

Student Paper

Id 342: Electronic reporting of workplace violence incidents: Improving the usability, and optimizing healthcare workers’ cognitive workload, and performance (M Foster, K Adapa, A Soloway, J Francki, S Stokes, LM Mazur)


Id 13: Current Status of Contrast Computed Tomography Examination for Diagnosing Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolism (K Shida, S Okumura)

Id 63: Using artificial intelligence for the early detection of micro-progression of pressure injuries in hospitalized patients: a preliminary nursing perspective evaluation (SC WU, YC( Li, HL Chen, ML Ku, YC Yu, PA Nguyen, CW Huang)

Id 222: TECIPOT: Study for the evaluation of new technologies and process engineering applied to the optimization of hospital transfers (C Miguez, A Moreno-Conde, J Moreno Conde, V Gonzalez, S Salas, JM Herrerias)

Topic: Legal, Ethical and Regulatory


Id 131: Associations Between Aggregate NLP-extracted Conflicts of Interest and Adverse Events By Drug Product (S Graham, Z Majdik, J Barbour, J Rousseau)


Id 262: Developing a Pediatric EHR Testing & Certification Program in the USA: Initial Phase (C Thompson, T Margo, F Yu, C Lehmann)

Topic: Safety and Security

Student Paper

Id 243: Quality Assessment of Meta-analyses on Cervical Cancer (S Milosavljevic, PY Yang, H Kang, P Mullen, Y Gong)