Information and Knowledge Management Track: Information Standards Theme

Topic: Interoperability


Id 12: Coverage of Clinical Research Data Retrieved from Standardized Structured Medical Information eXchange Storage (M Nakayama, H Feng, R Inoue)

Id 185: Interoperability and Governance; Important Preconditions for Establishing Large-Scale Healthcare Infrastructures like the Akson Program in Norway (GH Severinsen, L Silsand, K Malm-Nicolaisen, R Pedersen)

Id 228: FAIRness for FHIR: Towards Making Health Datasets FAIR using HL7 FHIR (A Martinez-Garcia, G Cangioli, C Chronaki, M Löbe, O Beyan, A JUEHNE, CL Parra Calderón)

Id 283: AHD2FHIR: a Tool for Mapping of Natural Language Annotations to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – A Technical Case Report (R Scheible, D Caliskan, P Firscher, F Thomczyk, S Zabka, H Schneider, M Boeker, S Schulz, U Prokosch, C Gulden)

Id 327: Cross-language Terminology Mapping between ICD-10-CN and SNOMED CT (N Hong, Y Zhang, Y Ren, L Hou, C Wang, J Li, M Van Zandt, L Liu)

Id 348: Data Sharing between Jail and Community Health Systems: Missing Links and Lessons for Re-entry Success (G Glowalla, V Subbian)

Student Papers

Id 20: Handling time constraints in Infection Clinical Pathways using openEHR TP (N Iglesias, JM Juarez, M Campos)

Id 183: Harmonization of Measurement Codes for Concept-Oriented Lab Data Retrieval (M Spotnitz, J Patterson, V Huser, C Weng, K Natarajan)

Id 257: How to optimize connexion between PACS and Clinical Data Warehouse : A web service approach based on full metadata integration (P Lemordant, G Bouzille, R Mathieu, R Thenault, B Gibaud, C Garde, B Campillo-Gimenez, D Goudet, S Delarche, Y Rolland, m Cuggia)

Id 310: FHIR based interoperability of medical devices (S Caçador Monteiro, R João Cruz Correia)

Id 351: OpenEHR implementation guide: Towards standard Low-Code Healthcare systems (S Frade, T Beale, R João Cruz Correia)


Id 21: Interoperable medical application for CTC counting (VM Cal González, L González- Castro)

Topic: Metadata


Id 36: A Multi-omics Common Data Model for Primary Immunodeficiencies (M Buy, W Digan, X Chen, J Husson, M Ménager, F Rieux-Laucat, N Garcelon)

Id 212: Improving Findability of Digital Assets in Research Data Repositories Using the W3C DCAT Vocabulary (M Löbe, H Ulrich, C Beger, T Bender, C Bauer, U Sax, J Ingenerf, A Winter)

Id 217: Can researchers assess the suitability of datasets to answer their research questions, with access to metadata only? (G Tilston, R Williams, E Griffiths, S Al-Adely, S Lawson-Tovey, W Hulme, A Short, J Davies, J Welch, N Peek)

Id 253: TermiCron – Bridging the Gap between FHIR Terminology Servers and Metadata Repositories (J Wiedekopf, H Ulrich, C Drenkhahn, AK Kock-Schoppenhauer, J Ingenerf)


Id 70: Using SPI-Hub™ to Promote the Key Role of Prepublishing in Healthcare (TY Koonce, MN Blasingame, AM Williams, J Zhao, J Su, MI Epelbaum, JD Clark, HM Naylor, SV Kusnoor, SJ DesAutels, NB Giuse)

Topic: Ontology


Id 123: Translating the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership – Common Data Model (OMOP-CDM) electronic health records to an OWL ontology (JB Lamy, A Mouazer, K Sedki, R Tsopra)

Id 255: An ontology-based semantic model for sharing and reusability of clinical pathways across context (ShaRE-CP) (G Bediang, G Falquet, A Geissbuhler)

Student Papers

Id 209: Design of an ontology-based triage system for painful patients (A Saadi, A Rogier, A Burgun, R Tsopra)

Id 317: Using an ontological representation of chemotherapy toxicities for guiding information extraction and integration from EHRs (A Rogier, A Coulet, B Rance)

Topic: Terminology


Id 58: Sequential mapping – a novel approach to map from ICD-10-CM to ICD-11 (J Xu, KW Fung, O Bodenreider)

Id 169: Mapping Korean National Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim Codes for Therapeutic and Surgical Procedures to SNOMED CT to Facilitate Data Reuse (H Kang, HA Park)

Id 200: Comparative Assessment of Completeness of CDISC Controlled Terminology (A Elghafari, J Finkelstein)

Id 211: WHO Family of Classifications – migration to terminology and digital rules (R Jakob)

Id 319: Adding an Attention Layer Improves the Performance of a Neural Network Architecture for Synonymy Prediction in the UMLS Metathesaurus (O Bodenreider, V Nguyen)

Topic: Data Quality


Id 118: Identifying and Reconciling Patients’ Allergy Information within the Electronic Health Record (S Vallamkonda, C Ortega, YC Lo, S Blackley, L Wang, D Seger, K Blumenthal, J Plasek, F Goss, L Zhou)

Id 248: Design of an Integrated Clinical Research Informatics System for a Multi-Centre and Multi-Visit Prospective Birth Cohort Study (R Sinitkul, R Maude, U Nithirochananont)

Id 293: Availability of Structured Data Elements in Electronic Health Records for Supporting Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials (A Vass, I Reinecke, M Boeker, U Prokosch, C Gulden)

Id 326: Exploring Determinants of Longevity of Biomedical Databases (J Finkelstein, J Guarino, X Huo, K Borziak, I Parvanova)

Student Paper

Id 329: Knowledge-driven Drug-use NamedEntity Recognition with Distant Supervision (G Bajaj, U Kursuncu, M Gaur, U Lokala, A Hyder, S Parthasarathy, A Sheth)


Id 116: ODM-DQA-Reporter: A generic approach to assess and monitor basic data quality of medical research data in Operational Data Model (ODM) format (A Süer, S Riepenhausen, M Storck, L Greulich, C Zeidler, S Ständer, M Dugas)

Id 199: Network Analyses on Hyperlinked Online Resources for Dissemination of Clinical Evidence – Updates of COVID-19 Vaccine Information Over Time and Measuring the Freshness of Information (M Abrams, D Wang)

Id 266: Design of an application for the automatic assessment of the quality of data produced in an African context (Burkina Faso) “Package Data Quality Assessment (PackDQA)” (M Yara, GS Barro, P Staccini)

Topic: Electronic Health Records


ID 38: Using Clinical Data Warehouse to optimize the vaccination strategy against COVID-19: a use case in France (J Grosjean, T Pressat-Laffouilhère, M NDangang, JP Leroy, S Darmoni)

Id 120: Standardization of Personal Health Records in the Portable Health Clinic System (R Islam, F Yokota, K Kikuchi, M Nishikitani, R Izukura, Y Sato, M Rahman, N Sultana, M Nessa, A Ahmed, N Nakashima)

Id 170: How the Content of Progress Notes Affects Readers’ Perceptions of Their Usefulness and the Burden Placed on Writers: Improving Interprofessional Communication (R Kagawa, H Tsurushima)

Id 250: End-User Need Assessment for Developing Electronic Integrated Antenatal Care (e- iANC) (H Markam)

Id 282: Success factors of an early EHR system for child and adolescent mental health: Lessons learned for future practice data-driven decision aid (K Koochakpour, Ø Nytrø, OS Westbye, B Leventhal, R Koposov, V Bakken, C Clausen, TB Røst, N Skokauskas)

Id 306: Just Talk to me – A Qualitative Study of Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Departments (M Haug, M Dahm, H Gewald, A Georgiou)

Id 312: Can CPOE based on electronic order sets cause unintended consequences (expensive and unnecessary tests) at the Emergency Department? (E Frutos, AM MUÑOZ, LA ROVEGNO, A Pedretti, C Otero, C Giménez, D Luna, MF Grande Ratti, B Martinez)

Id 333: Mobile application for home healthcare: physician’s expectations and perceptions (MB Senillosa, J Saimovici, H Mandirola, D Rabinovich, CS Galvan, O Jáuregui, DA Rizzato Lede, C Otero, D Luna)

Student Papers

Id 6: Mobile Application Model for Supporting in Wound Treatment (MF Saggioro, G Eler, FC Figueiredo, H Shishido)

Id 53: Design and implementation of Model-driven development for Nursing information system (PY Wen)

Id 186: Implication of Latent Information Quality to the Reproducibility of Secondary Use of Electronic Health Records (S Fu, A Wen, S Pagali, N Zong, J St. Sauver, S Sohn, J Fan, H Liu)


Id 27: Usability of three graphical user interfaces for drug allergy documentation (K Muylle, K Gentens, S Van Laere, C Hamza, M Grosber, P Cornu)

Id 271: Redesigning an electronic health record in Argentina to improve comprehensive health care and clinical research (LJ Giraldo Franco, V Fink, F Cahn, B Caceres, O Sued, S Duda, C Cesar)

Id 285: Design and development of an Electronic Health Record according to Argentine Gender Identity Law (LJ Giraldo Franco, V Fink, F Cahn, I Aristegui, B Caceres, O Sued, C Cesar)

Topic: Medical Device Integration


Id 156: Mobilemicroservices Architecture for Remote Monitoring of Patients: A Feasibility Study (J Ruokolainen)

Topic: Registries and Health Information Exchange


Id 165: Data-Sharing Gateway System Design for Large-Scale Medical Information Collection with Distributed EMR Storage (K Tanaka, M MUKAI, R Yamamoto, N MIHARA)

Id 188: “Re-materialized” medical data: Paper-based transmission of structured medical data using QR-Code, for medical imaging reports. (A Lauriot Dit Prevost, R Bentegeac, A Dequesnes, A Billiau, E Baudelet, R Legleye, MA Hubaut, P Puech, R Besson, E Chazard)

Student Papers

Id 323: A System for Structuring, Storage and Georeferenciation of Dengue Vector Surveillance Data (D Conrado, V Santos, A Faria-Campos, J Serufo, S Campos)

Id 328: An Improved Immunization Record to Support Vaccination During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a University Hospital in Argentina (J Descalzo, J Verdinelli, J Nuñez, SV Diaz, ML Gambarte, SA Minoletti, MH Blanco, O Jáuregui, DA Rizzato Lede, C Otero, D Luna)


Id 31: Use of Digital Health Technology for Seeking Health Information among Older Family Caregivers (D Baik, E Willems)

Id 239: Towards Data Analysis Environment for Multi-Partner Clinical Research Project – SMART-CARE (A Dudchenko, F Ringwald, P Knaup, M Ganzinger)

Topic: Security, Privacy and Consent


Id 54: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Toolkit for Digital Health (R Hussein, D Wurhofer, EM Strumegger, A Stainer-Hochgatterer, T Kulnik, R Crutzen, J Niebauer)

Id 124: Information assessment for the implementation of electronic informed consent for genetic studies in a high complexity hospital (J Descalzo, E Frutos, R Rebrij, D Luna, S Benitez)

Id 152: Protecting Privacy of Health Information, a Global Perspective (N Gatchalian, M Kandy, D Sattler)

Id 155: Towards a Toolbox for Privacy-Preserving Computation on Health Data (S Yazijy, R Schölly, P Kellmeyer)

Id 290: Design and implementation of a unique patient identification model in information systems in Burkina Faso (GS Barro, A UGON, NR Nana, P Staccini)