Information and Knowledge Management Track: Computable Knowledge Theme

Topic: Artificial Intelligence


Id 45: Clinical Comparable Corpus Describing the Same Subjects with Different Expressions (Y Nakamura, S Hanaoka, Y Nomura, N Hayashi, O Abe, S Yada, S Wakamiya, E Aramaki)

Id 46: Analysis of Causal Relationships in Integrated Ontologies of Diseases, Phenotypes, and Radiological Diagnosis (C Kahn)

Id 84: The classification of scientific abstracts using text statistical features (T Ishankulov, G Danilov, K Kotik, Y Orlov, M Shifrin, A Potapov)

Id 112: Extending PICO with Observation Normalization for Evidence Computing (A Turfah, H Liu, LA Stewart, T Kang, C Weng)

Id 115: The effect of data augmentation in deep learning approach for peripheral blood leukocyte recognition (H Nozaka)

Id 154: MedSentinel – A Smart Sentinel for Biomedical Online Search Demonstrated by a COVID-19 Search (R Schölly, S Yazijy, P Kellmeyer)

Id 233: Using deep learning to improve phenotyping from clinical reports (M Vincent, M Douillet, I Lerner, A Neuraz, A Burgun, N Garcelon)

Id 238: A Hybrid Method for Scientific Paper Recommendation through Bibliographic Coupling and Text Similarity Measurement (G hongmei)

Id 247: Learning Insurance Benefit Rules from Policy Texts with Small Labeled Data (G Picco, TL Hoang, V Lopez, JS Daly, M Wei, M Sbodio, I Vejsbjerg, S Brady, M Kristiansen)

Id 314: Evaluation of Criteria2Query: Towards Augmented Intelligence for Cohort Identification (C Liu, H Liu, C Ta, J Rogers, A Butler, J Lee, J Kim, N Shang, C Weng)

Id 334: Tana, a Healthcare Chatbot to Help Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a University Hospital in Argentina (DA Rizzato Lede, D Inda, JM Rosa, Y Zin, N Tentoni, MM Medici, J Castaño, ML Gambarte, GE Lopez, M Merli, C Otero, D Luna)

Student Papers

Id 17: POKR: Building a Computable Heterogeneous Knowledge Resource for Precision Oncology (Y Guo, C Wang, R Moore, H Liu, F Shen)

Id 40: A Novel Personalized Random Forest Algorithm for Clinical Outcome Prediction (A Johnson, G Cooper, S Visweswaran)

Topic: Guideline Implementation


Id: 193: Annotation Guidelines for Medication Errors in Incident Reports: Validation through A Mixed Methods Approach (ZSY Wong, Y Qiao, R Sasano, H Zhang, K Taneda, S Ushiro)

Id 214: CroniCare: Platform for the design and implementation of follow-up, control and self- management interventions for chronic and multimorbidity patients based on mobile technologies (A Moreno-Conde, J Moreno Conde, S Salas, V Gonzalez, A Valido, P Guardia, L Luque, A Reales, M Machuca, E Montblanc, C Garcia, J De la Vega)

Topic: Decision Support


Id 227: Hypergraph based data model for complex health data exploration and its implementation in PREDIMED Clinical Data Warehouse (C Cancé, C Lenne, S Artemova, P Mossuz, A Moreau-Gaudry)

Id 244: Development, implementation and initial results of CDSS recommendations for patients at risk of hereditary breast cancer (A Gaiera, JM Rosa, M Tajerian, Y Zin, M Brunner, L Rubin, M Butti, D Luna, S Benitez, S Menazzi)

Id 263: Estimation and Monitoring of Operating Room Utilization by a Distributed Streaming and Analytics Architecture deployed at Heidelberg University Hospital’s Medical Data Integration Center (O Klar, M Klass, G Schneider, H Kenngott, O Heinze)

Id 264: The Technology Landscape of Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support – Where Are We and What is Needed? (P Dullabh, K Heaney-Huls, L Hovey, S Sandberg, D Lobach, A Boxwala, P Desai, D Sittig)

Id 273: A collective intelligence platform to support older cancer survivors: towards the definition of LifeChamps System and Big Data reference architecture (Z Valero-Ramón, P Louro, L Irio, I Dimitriadis, M Poiitis, T Toliopoulos, P Lagakis, G Petridis, N Papachristou, FJ Núñez-Benjumea, S Hors Fraile, A Billis, P Bamidis, V Traver Salcedo, A Vakali, A Gounaris, JC Naranjo, D Shapiro, S Levva)

Student Papers

Id 28: A hybrid approach for designing dynamic and data-driven clinical pathways point of care instruments in low resource settings (GS Tegenaw, D Amenu, G Ketema, F Verbeke, J Cornelis, B Jansen)

Id 159: Decision-making support in stroke diagnosis process: an approach based on the Promethee method and Decision Model Notation (P Boareto, L Mantovani, J Safanelli, R Liberato, C Moro, C H C Moro, E Loures, E A P Santos)

Id 167: Clinical Usefulness of Drug-Disease Interaction Alerts from a Clinical Decision Support System, MedGuard, for Patient Safety: A Single Center Study (TN Poly, M Islam, J Li)

Id 196: Detecting Drug-Drug Interactions in COVID-19 Patients (E Jeong, A Person, J Stollings, Y Su, L Li, Y Chen)


Id 23: A comparison of recommendations from a computer-based decision system and tobacco treatment specialists: insights and lessons learned (A Soares, A Khamesipour, J Davis)

Id 313: Exploration of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Standard for Representation of Knowledge Bases Encoded in the Arden Syntax (R Jenders)

Topic: Curation


Id 113: Interactive Similarity-Based Search of Clinical Trials (Y Sun, J Tang, A Butler, C Liu, Y Fang, C Weng)

Id 166: OpenMRS Analytics Engine: A FHIR Based Approach (A Kimaina, J Dick)

Student Paper

Id 85: A Knowledge Graph of Mechanistic Associations Between COVID-19, Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Kidney Disease (M Barrett, SSR Abidi, A Daowd, S Abidi)


Id 10: Qualitative evaluation of a drug terminology server (S Darmoni)

Id 207: Annotating Free-texts in EHRs towards a Reusable and Machine-actionable Health Data Resource (J Wang, L Yang, X Huang, J Li)