Human, Organisational and Social Aspects Track: User Experience Theme

Topic: UI/UX Design


Id 100: What You See Is What You Get Computer-Interpretable Guidelines: The Design and Implementation of NoviGuide (E Danziger, M Muhindo, J Bress)

Id 117: Pre- and Post-Redesign Usability Assessment of a Telemedicine Interface Based on Subjective Metrics (J Campbell, H Monkman)

Id 175: Digitally mediated schizophrenia care – a Swedish case of translating, designing and expert evaluation of Dialog+ (B Lindenfalk, A Gremyr, M Lundmark, T Jacobsson)

Student Papers

Id 87: Design-relevant factors affecting the patient experience in digital health: preliminary results of an umbrella systematic review (T Wang, G Giunti, M Melles, R Goossens)

Id 19: Improving Parents’ Experience in the Pediatric Emergency Waiting Room: Researching the Most Optimal Design for an Information Tool (V Sharma, S Foster, P Whelan, S Antrobus, T Augustine, J Ainsworth, SN van der Veer)


Id 109: Design Recommendations for Presenting Clinical Guidelines on Mobile Devices (J Mitchell, E de Quincey, C Pantin, N Mustfa)

Topic: Human-Computer Interaction


Id 19: Improving Parents’ Experience in the Pediatric Emergency Waiting Room: Researching the Most Optimal Design for an Information Tool (R Marcilly, M van Heerde, J Schiro, LW Peute)

Id 164: A User-Centered Evaluation of a COVID-19 Intelligent Query System (COVID-IQS) (DT Wu, F Zhou, WC Su, H Vu, P Sahu, B Harnett, TP Chiu, C Vogel, J Lee)

Id: 172: How does users of modern EHR perceive the usability, user resistance and productivity five years or more after implementation? (K Malm-Nicolaisen, AJ Fagerlund, R Pedersen)

Id 218: Towards Reducing Health Information Inequities in the Caribbean: The Eastern Caribbean Health Outcomes Research Network Data Sharing Platform Usability Study (T McCall, S Date, D Alexis, S Whiteman, S Dick, L Marenco, M Campbell Britton, B Tessier- Sherman, C Brandt, K Wang)

Id 335: Mobile Health Applications for Postpartum Depression Management: A Theory-Informed Analysis of Change-Use-Engagement (CUE ) criteria in the Digital Environment (A Zingg, L Carter, D Rogith, S Selvaraj, A Franklin, S Myneni)

Student Papers

Id 55: Parent engagement with a self-tailored cancer prevention digital behavior change intervention: exploratory application of affiliation network analysis (E Becker, S Myneni, R Shegog, K Fujimoto, LS Savas, EL Frost, C Healy, S Spinner, SW Vernon)

Id 231: A Design Thinking Approach to developing a Clinical Decision Support System for Breathlessness in Primary Care (AP Sunjaya, A Martin, C Jenkins)


Id 72: My Contraceptive Choice: A Decision Support Tool for College Women (M Redman, D Wang, J Brian)

Id 103: The development of a digital tool for planning physical exercise training during cardiac rehabilitation (D Wurhofer, EM Strumegger, R Hussein, A Stainer-Hochgatterer, J Niebauer, T Kulnik)

Id 105: Exploring the Use and Adoption of Wearable Physical Activity Trackers in Oil-Rich Nations: A Qualitative Study of Youth Perspectives from Kuwait (R Altabtabaei, D Alhuwail)

Id 139: A common electronic health record for Norwegian municipalities (G Ellingsen, B Christensen, R Wynn)

Topic: Ergonomics

Student Paper

Id 337: Predicting objective performance using perceived cognitive workload data in healthcare professionals: A Machine Learning Study (K Adapa, M Pillai, P Mosaly, S Das, LM Mazur)

Topic: Workflow


Id 133: Artificial intelligence and clinical decision support systems or automated interpreters: what characteristics are expected by French general practitioners? (S Tabla, M Calafiore, B Legrand, A Descamps, M Rochoy, E Chazard)

Id 300: Medical Scribes Have a Variable Impact on Documentation Workflows (A Rule, M Chiang, M Hribar)

Topic: Patient-Clinician Communication


Id 26: Physician Communication Skills in Telemedicine: The Role of Eye Contact (S Helou, E El Helou, J El Helou)

Id 61: Telemedicine use and assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic (G Bezerra, E Studart de Lucena Feitosa, JG Vale Catunda, C Nogueira Sales Graça, P Lucena de Aquino, AG Bezerra Neto, G Bezerra da Silva Junior)

Id 135: Using Informatics to Engage Vulnerable Populations in Research: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 pandemic (G Demiris, J Chung, A Turner)


Id 32: Stakeholder mapping on the development of digital health interventions for self- management among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China (Q An, M Kelley, PY Yen)

Id 241: Telerehabilitation based on markerless motion capture and IMT-2020 (5G) networks (S Oyama, M Saeki, S Kaneta, S Shimoda, H Yoneda, H Hirata)