Human, Organisational and Social Aspects Track: Education and Training Theme

Topic: Continuing Professional Development


Id 62: Building Cancer Control Capacity in Health Professionals Through Telementoring: A Survey Study of a Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Care ECHO Program (Z Milgrom, T Severance, C Scanlon, A Carson, A Janota, T Vik, J Duwve, BE Dixon, E Mendonca)

Topic: Formal Education


Id 136: Developing Harmonized Benchmarks for the Master of Science in Health Informatics for the East African Region (M Were, J Nyameino, K Some, M Kuria, A Nangulu, S Kasasa, F da- Costa Vroom, G Wright)

Id 147: Perspective on Code Submission and Automated Evaluation Platforms for University Teaching (F Auer, D Müller, J Frei, F Kramer)

Id 220: Your quest begins now! EBMQuest, a digital interactive fiction module for medical student engagement in evidence-based practice. (A Varan, R McKenzie, K Winkel)

Topic: Health Information Literacy


Id 14: University Students’ Ability to Assess Misinformation about COVID-19 (Y Gu, Z Kalibatseva, X Song, S Prakash)

Topic: Serious Gaming

Student Paper

Id 77: The BioVisualSpeech serious game with voice exercises for people with Parkinson’s disease with hypokinetic dysarthria (T Viana, S Cavaco)

Id 307: Customizable serious speech therapy games with dynamic difficulty adjustment for children with sigmatism (S Martins, S Cavaco)

Topic: Workforce Development


Id 121: Clinical Informatics Professionals’ Training Needs and Job Satisfaction in Singapore (D Sivasegaran, R Misra, D Li, YM Tan)

Id 258: Digitally Transforming the United Workforce: Manchester’s Journey – from the Masses to the Champions (A Davies, A Davies, H Abdulhussein, I Eleftheriou, L Hassan, P Bromiley, P Couch, C Wasiuk, A Brass)


Id 151: The eHealth4all@eu Pipeline of Course Development: TIGER Recommendations in Action (U Hübner, K Saranto, P Marques, UM Kinnunen, N Egbert, B Babitsch, D Kalthoff, A Cardoso, P Sousa, J Hüsers, M Padilha, P Mannavaara, T Jokinen, H Mansholt, R J. Cruz- Correia, T Shaw, G Wilson, M Ball)