Health Data Science Track: Applications Theme

Topic: Disease Surveillance


Id 47: Identifying new COVID-19 variants from spike proteins using novelty detection (S Basu, R Campbell)

Id 106:Tracing COVID-19 infection chains within healthcare institutions – Another brick in the wall against SARS-CoV-2 (A Wulff, P Biermann, T von Landesberger, T Baumgartl, C Schmidt, A Yussef Alhaji, K Schick, P Waldstein, Y Zhu, HIC Study Group, D Krefting, S Scheithauer, M Marschollek)

Id 177: Developing a Siamese Network for UTIs Risk Prediction in Immobile Patients Undergoing Stroke (Z Xu, C Zhu, Y Gu, S Zheng, X Sun, J Cao, X Wu, J Li)

Id 191: Automatic Patient Fall Outcome Extraction using Narrative Incident Reports (ZSY Wong, J LIU, Hy So)

Id 223: Phylogenetic Analyses of SARS-CoV-2 Strains Reveal its Link to the Spread of COVID- 19 Across the Globe (S Sawmya, A Saha, S Tasnim, N Anjum, M Toufikuzzaman, AHM Rafid, MS Rahman, MS Rahman, T Alam)

Student Papers

Id 146: Vaccine Rollout and Shift in Public Sentiment: Twitter-based Surveillance Study (U Shah, MR Biswas, KMM Dolaat, M Househ, Z Shah, T Alam)

Id 168: Linking Tweets Towards Geo-localized Policies : COVID-19 Perspective (SSR Jony, R Shahriyar, MS Rahman, MS Rahman, T Alam)

Id 180: Who influences cancer conversations on Twitter?: A Comparative Surveillance of Cancer Communications (N Jain, I Zachary, S Boren)


Id 34: A survey on Cases of Serious and High-risk Child Abuse with Trauma Using the Database of Health Insurance Claims (T Iwao, M Sakai)

Id 80: Predicting Readmission Following Hospital Treatment for Patients with Alcohol Related Diagnoses in an Australian Regional Health District (J Zhang, S Qian, G Su, C Deng, P Yu)

Topic: Biomedical Imaging and Image Analysis


Id 102: Study of 2D Feature Extraction Techniques for Classification of Spinocerebellar ataxia type 12 (SCA12) (S Agrawal, S S Kumaran, A Kumar Srivastava, R Kumar Agrawal, M Kaur Narang)

Id 205: Noninvasive glioma grading with deep learning: a pilot study (G Danilov, V Korolev, M Shifrin, E Ilyushin, N Maloyan, D Saada, T Ishankulov, R Afandiev, A Shevchenko, T Konakova, T Tsukanova, S Shugay, I Pronin, A Potapov)

Id 256: Correlation Between Quality Evaluation Metrics and Teeth Detection Results in Panoramic X-rays using Deep Learning (C L. Giardina, H Legal-Ayala, JL Vázquez Noguera, L Salgueiro, V R. Fretes, D Defazio)

Id 259: Automatic Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy from Fundus Images using Neuro-evolutionary Algorithms (D Aquino-Brítez, J Ayala, JL Vázquez Noguera, M García-Torres, JC Mello Román, PE Gardel-Sotomayor, VE Castillo Benítez, I Castro Matto, DP Pinto-Roa, J Facon, SA Grillo)

Student Paper

Id 237: The pitfalls of using open data to develop deep learning solutions for COVID-19 detection in chest X-rays (R Harkness, G Hall, A Frangi, N Ravikumar, K Zucker)


Id 122: ODIASP: clinically contextualized image analysis using the PREDIMED clinical data warehouse, towards a better diagnosis of sarcopenia (K Charrière, PE Madiot, S Artemova, P Tep, C Lenne, B Cohard, A Caporossi, I Boudry, J Meyzenc, G Ferretti, I Bricault, J Giais, JL Bosson, E Fontaine, C Bétry, A Moreau-Gaudry)

Topic: Population Health


Id 8: Deep Learning and Explainable Artificial Intelligence to Predict Patients’ Choice of Hospital Levels in Urban and Rural Areas (L Chen, JT Sheu, Y Tsao, YJ Chuang)

Id 35: Exploiting Social Media for Active Pharmacovigilance: The PVClinical Social Media Workspace (C Kakalou, S Dimitsaki, V Dimitriadis, P Natsiavas)

Id 88: AuguR: A Scalable Open-Source Interactive Web Application for Routinely Collected Data (K Zucker, M Wagstaff, C Tomson, R Beecham, G Hall)

Id 108: Adoption of digital pain manikins for research data collection: a systematic review (SM Ali, R Lee, A Chiarotto, W Dixon, J McBeth, SN van der Veer)

Id 161: Prediction of Incident Dementia using Patient Temporal Health Status (S Fu, O Ibrahim, Y Wang, M Vassilaki, R Petersen, M Mielke, J St. Sauver, S Sohn)

Id 162: Applying Formal Concept Analysis for the recognition of infant mortality patterns (L Marzano, C Nobre, L Zárate, M Song)

Id 201: Extraction of Medication-Effect Relations in Twitter Data with Neural Embedding and Recurrent Neural Network (K Jiang, D Zhang, G Bernard)

Id 267: Characterizing Infant Mortality using Data Mining: a Case Study in two Brazilian States – Santa Catarina and Amapá (W Soares, M Song, L Zárate, C Nobre)

Id 279: Characteristics of Electronic Informed Consent Platforms for Consenting Patients to Research Studies: A Scoping Review(I Parvanova, J Finkelstein)

Id 297: Using Machine Learning on Imbalanced Guideline Compliance Data to Optimize Multidisciplinary Tumour Board Decision Making for the Management of Breast Cancer Patients (MA LE THIEN, A Redjdal, J Bouaud, B Seroussi)

Id 340: Identification of Transportation Barriers in Patient Portal Messages via Deep Semantic Embeddings and Clustering (M Huang, A Khurana, G Mastorakos, J Fan)

Student Papers

Id 150: Patients’ and Clinicians’ Perspectives on the Acceptability of Completing Digital Quality of Life Questionnaires during Routine Haemodialysis Clinics: a Mixed-Methods Study (R Meiklem, K Stevenson, S Richarz, DB Kingsmore, MM Bouamrane, MD Dunlop, P Thomson)

Id 292: Interpreting the Human Longevity Profile through Triadic Rules – A Case Study Based on the ELSA Longitudinal Study – UK (M Dias Moreira Noronha, C Nobre, M Song, L Zárate)

Id 320: Hierarchical Representation of Complex Intervention Sequences for Automated Subgroup Analysis in Critical Care Settings (A Trivedi, W Ogallo, G Tadesse)


Id 30: Development of an application for sustainable support of returning residents displaced by the Fukushima nuclear accident (H NAKANO, A GOTO, T OHBA, K YOSHIDA, K NOLLET, M MURAKAMI, T OHIRA, A KUMAGAI, K TANIGAWA)

Id 48: Supporting doctor’s decisions based on electronic medical documentation in Polish (W Jaworski, P Biecek, A Dobrakowski, M Marciniak, A Mykowiecka, A Morusiewicz, J Przetacka, Ł Kamiński)

Id 64: Privacy-preserving Partner Notification service to control Sexually Transmitted Infections (C Kakalou, E Polychronidou, V Drosou, V Dimitriadis, T Dermaris, R Kordonias, A Papaprodromou, T Tsirelis, C Maramis, K Votis, D Tzovaras, D Savarino, M Maffeo, N Jasic, T Nemeth Blažić, Z Dominković, D Pogledić, I Jovovic, A Simkunaite-Zazecke, L Stoniene, A Sammut, L Cosmaro, P Natsiavas)

Id 194: Data Analytics of Electronic Health Records to Enhance Care of Coronary Artery Disease in Younger Women with avoiding Possible Delay in Treatment (M Panahiazar, A Bishara, Y Chern, r alizadehsani, D Hadley, R Beygui)

Id 204: Experiences in using KoBo Collect and KoBo Toolbox in a cross-sectional dog population and rabies knowledge and practices household survey in the Philippines (TJ Dizon, N Saito, MD Reñosa, TA Bravo, C Silvestre, V Endoma, JR Guevarra, B Quiambao, A Nishizono)

Id 229: GeoHealth: Geographic Information System for health management and clinical, epidemiological and translational research (A Moreno-Conde, J Moreno Conde, V Gonzalez, S Salas, C Segura, P Cuadri, V De luque, P Guardia, L Luque, A Vilches)

Id 277: Air pollution and health risk: Intelligent mapping (K Bouharati, i Bouharati, N Boucenna, M Hamdi Cherif)

Id 289: Race and racialization in mental health research and implications for developing and evaluating machine learning models: A rapid review (M Maslej, N Shen, I Kassam, T Rodak, L Sikstrom)

Id 294: Prediction of future health care utilization through note-extracted Psychosocial Factors (D Dorr, T King, A Quinones)

Topic: Precision Medicine


Id 94: Automatic integration of clinical and genetic data using cBioPortal (M Brunner, L Mullen, F Jauk, J Oliver, F Cayol, J Minatta, V Herrera, W Pavicic, D Luna, M Risk, H Garcia Rivello, S Benitez)

Student Paper

Id 234: Expanding Access to CNS-TAP: Design, Development, and Initial Use of a Complex Precision Health Specialty Web App for Neuro-Oncology (K Ravi, G Meng, H Roberts, A Schepers, A Franson, C Koschmann, B Marini, A Flynn)


Id 254: A Comparative Analysis of Phenotypes derived from genes or biomedical literature in COVID-19 (S Steenson, C Hawthorne, G Lopez-Campos)

Id 311: Exploring Molecular Mechanisms within Biomedical Literature (N Glendinning, C Hawthorne, S Beck, G Lopez-Campos)