Global Health Informatics Track: Public Health Theme

Topic: Healthcare Access and Equity


Id 215: Impact of the automation of inpatient bed management to reduce the emergency service waiting time (F Ajmi)

Id 230: Ontology for Overcrowding Managment in Emergency Department (K Fakhfakh Maala, S ben othman, L Jourdan, G Smith, JM RENARD, S Hammadi, H Zgaya Biau)

Id 287: Simplified Community Based Telecare During The COVID-19 Pandemic (M Sen, A Ramachandran, P Chandak, N Khan, SB Gogia)

Student Paper

Id 197: Ensuring Care Continuity in Extreme Crises: A Participatory Action Research Approach (M Daou, S Helou, J El Helou, C El Hachem, E El Helou)

Id 324: Simple Heuristics for Near-Optimal Appointment Scheduling in Primary Care (P Meckoni, H Balasubramanian)


Id 9: Prescribing Trends Psychotropic Drugs Against Children and Adolescents and Association with Polypharmacy Reduction Policy for Psychotropic Drugs: Based on Japanese National Database Survey (J Park, T Okui, N Nakashima)

Id 219: Totally Online Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Initiation for Lymphedema (SB Gogia, AR Gogia, A Ramachandran)

Topic: Social Determinants


Id 265: Using EHR Data to Identify Social Determinants of Health Affecting Disparities in Cancer Survival (W Cui, J Finkelstein)