Sociedad Uruguaya de Informática en la Salud (SUIS)


Head Office:
Bvar. Artigas 1515
Uruguay CP 11600

IMIA Representative:     Image
Dr. Jorge Stanham, MD
Medical Advisor
British Hospital
Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: +598 (2) 487-1020

President:     Image
Dr. Julio Leivas
British Hospital
Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: +598 (9) 526 2192

Founded: 1996   Membership: 100

Uruguayan Society of Health Informatics
Uruguay is a small Country, located in the Southern Cone of South America. SUIS, its health informatics society, was created in 1996, and currently has about 100 active members.

SUIS goals are:

  • To create a favorable environment for the development of health informatics.
  • To promote the inclusion of informatics in the education of health professionals.
  • To create multidisciplinary links among professionals.
  • To create ties with similar societies in the Americas and the World.
  • To promote the use of standards in health informatics.
  • To contribute to regulate the integrity and confidentiality of electronic medical records.
  • To disseminate the importance and use informatics among health professionals.

It has been active in trying to reach the above-mentioned goals, in the following ways:

  • Fifteen educational activities were organized since SUIS was created, including courses, congresses, international and national videoconferences, seminars and workshops; with local, regional and international experts. Some of the subjects addressed were: the electronic patient record, privacy of health information, health informatics standards, quality improvement and health informatics, nursing informatics, telemedicine and distance education in health. Attendance reached up to two hundred registrants for the electronic health records Conferences. It is currently giving an introductory course on health information systems, described in the IMIA-LAC chapter.
  • The importance and use of informatics among health professionals was stressed, and computer literacy courses were promoted by SUIS and its members. This was one factor leading to about 75% of Uruguayan physicians using computers on a regular basis, according to the 2001 National Medical Survey.
  • Infosuis, a Society bulletin, has been published since 1998 (see Starting in 2002, InfoSuis has an Internacional Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1688-0994 online and ISSN 1510-2173 hard copy).
  • Regarding the development of National standards for clinical information in electronic format, SUIS participated, with several of its authorities and members, in the definition of a regulation requested by the Secretary of Health. Therefore, a regulation was approved by the Uruguayan Government regarding the electronic health record and health informatics standards: please see
  • In the international arena, SUIS is a member of IMIA, IMIA-LAC and of the telemedicine and health informatics Spanish – Latin American CYTED working group.
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