Chair: (2015 – 2018)
Pekka Ruotsalainen, D.Sc (tech.),
research professor emeritus, adjunct professor
University of Tampere,School of Information Sciences

 Vice Chair: (2015 – 2018)
Paulette Lacroix, HBScN, MPH, CMC, CIPP/C, CIPP/US
PC Lacroix Consulting Inc.

Goals & Objectives
Examine the issues of trustworthy processing of personal health information (PHI) in health information systems such as eHealth, digital health, pHealth, mHealth and ubiquitous health. Within this framework the WG is focusing to the growing problem: how to protect the PHI and guarantee Fair Information Processing in national and global eHealth and digital health systems and in personal health and health eco-system environments. The WG studies and develops proposals and guidelines for trust building mechanisms, security measures and privacy management policies. To achieve those goals, the WG organises Work Shops, and publishes joint research and opinion articles

Report on the activities of the WG Security in Health Information Systems (2012- 2016).

Year 2016
The Work Group will prepare a Works Shop proposal for MEDINFO 2017.

The Work Group prepared together with EFMI WG SSE and WG PPD a Joint Work Shop proposal for MIE 2016 in Munich, Germany. The Proposal was accepted by the Scientific Committee and the Work Shop was organized on Wednesday 31st August in Munich Germany. The title of the Work Shop was “Personal Health Data – Privacy policy Harmonization and Global Enforcement”. Works Shop presentations are distributed to all WS participants, and are available for all SiHiS members on request.

The IMIA board approved (April 2016) nominations made the SiHiS Formal WG meeting in Sao Paulo (2015) for chairpersons and vice-chairs (April 2016). The term of new the chair and vice-chair covers years 2016-2019.

Year 2015
The Work Group prepared a Work Shop proposal for MEDINFO 2015. The title of the Work Shop was “The Global Protection of Personal Health Data”. Proposal was accepted by the Scientific Committee and the Work Shop was organized on Friday 21st August in Sao Paulo.

After the Work Shop, a formal SiHiS WG meeting arranged where Professor Pekka Ruotsalainen was nominated to the role of chair and Mrs. Paulette Lacroix to the role of vice-chair.

Year 2014
As a part of the annual conference organised by Medical Informatics Europe (MIE 2014, Istanbul Aug 31-Sep 3) EFMI Working Group ”Security, Safety and Ethics” and the IMIA Working Group ”Security in Health Information Systems” organised   jointly a unique event i.e. a Joint Workshop for the first time. The title of this WS was ” Impact of New Health Models on Information Privacy and Policy-Driven Management of Personal Health Information”. Topics discussed covered features of the new health and healthcare environment, their impacts to security, privacy and service implementation, Ethics and Laws, Strategy for trustworthy health information exchange, strategies and policies to health data protection and architectural solutions.

Peter Croll (the chair of SiHiS) attended the IMIA General assembly in New Delhi (31th Oct 2014). During this meeting he presented initial ideas for a project “Business Proposal for the Global Protection of Personal Health Data”.

January 2013: Prof Pekka Ruotsalainen was accepted by the SiHiS formal WG meeting to the role of Vice Chair. This was ratified at the IMIA General Assembly in Copenhagen.

September 2012: Dr Peter Croll attended the IMIA General Assembly in Beijing, China on where he was accepted as chair of WG SiHiS until 2015.

Activity Report (August 2013)  (download PDF file)