Head Office:
P.O.Box 14665
Iran 1411
IMIA Representative and President:    Image
Dr. Ramin Moghaddam
Director, Medical Informatics Department
Iranian Social Security Organization
Tel: +98 21 64502512
Email: Dr_Moghaddam@Medical-Informatics.Net

Treasurer:     Image
Dr. Daryoush H. Talab
Tel: +98 21 873 2573

Founded: 2003

Iranian Medical Informatics Association
The Iranian Medical Informatics Association (IrMIA) is a not-for-profit organization. It was founded on February 2003 by Dr Ramin Moghaddam, a pioneer in Iranian Healthcare Informatics with over a decade of academic and professional experience with Medical / Health Informatics in the country.

IrMIA was established in response to the need for education and awareness of Medical/Health Informatics as a key to continuous quality improvement in the Health industry. For several years, there had been a growing recognition that a professional body specializing in Medical/Healthcare Informatics was needed, however, it was necessary to await emergence of greater awareness in the Iranian Medical/Healthcare Professional Community before IrMIA could be established.

IrMIA, as a burgeoning association, is looking forward to joining and working with the IMIA and other professional bodies that would offer advice and assistance in achieving its goals and objectives.

The Iranian Medical Informatics Association is the premier professional association to advance and advocate the use of information & communication technologies at every level in the delivery of healthcare and medical services in Iran.

The mission of the Iranian Medical Informatics Association is to facilitate continuous quality improvement in health through advocating and advancing the use of advanced information & communication technologies throughout the country.

– To be the premier membership and peer communication association in Medical/Health Informatics
– Heighten awareness amongst Iranian healthcare professionals & to also raise public awareness with respect to Medical/Health Informatics usage in the community health improvement
– Promote Medical/Health Informatics as a viable and respected profession in the country
– To encourage IMIA to establish a new IMIA Region (MEAMI: Middle East Association for Medical Informatics)in the Middle East in collaboration with other regional societies (e.g. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc.)
– To foster enhanced collaboration and establish relationships with relevant organizations world wide
– To further foster and enhance research, development, and the diffusion and dissemination of Medical/Health Informatics to solve healthcare issues and lend their weight to the continuous quality improvement process in the healthcare industry

– To serve as an authoritative body in the field of Medical/Health Informatics and to provide local representation in international-related forums
– To strengthen and support Medical/Health Informatics activities in Iran. It brings together a professional association solely devoted to Medical/Health Informatics, and will benefit from the collage of recognized world leaders that have made major contributions to field.
– Promote Medical/Health Informatics in undergraduate and postgraduate education
– Assist in the coordination of Medical/Health Informatics-related activities with international organizations and institutes
– Plan and conduct domestic scientific, technical, and educational meetings and programs with respect to the Medical/Health Informatics field
– Help to foster intra-discipline liaisons across the spectrum between those involved in the healthcare field and those involved in the field of information & communication technologies
– Distribute educational materials about the Medical/Health Informatics field

– Represents Iran in both the regional and international arena of Medical/Health Informatics
– Engages in holding scientific, technical and educational forums in the field of Medical/Health Informatics
– Stimulates & collaborates with other regional societies to assist IMIA to establish a new IMIA Region (MEAMI: Middle East Association for Medical Informatics)in the Middle East.
– Provides a medium for the exchange of ideas, development of problem-solving skills, and coordinated action with respect to Medical/Health Informatics.
– Provides a locus for the development of native Medical/Health Informatics standards involving collaboration with recognized international bodies
– Provide a locus for the development of National Health Information Strategy involving collaboration with experts around the world
– To serve in an advisory role to the government, organizations and institutes in a project management & consulting role
– To stimulate, conduct, and sponsor research into the application & evaluation of Medical/Health Informatics with the involvement of world experts
– Provide world class proposals that will serve to attract needed funding for implementation of national Medical/Health Informatics projects utilizing international donations targeted for that specific purpose

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