April 23, 2018 – April 26, 2018 all-day
Havana Convention Cente
Executive Secretary of the 2018 Convention of Health

Congress of the Latin American Association of Medical Informatics “Infolac 2018”.

XII International Congress of Informatics in Health

Regional Meeting of eHealth representatives of the Americas

The Cuban Society of Medical Informatics, the National Directorate of Information Technology and Communications of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba and the International Association of Medical Informatics for Latin America and the Caribbean (IMIA-LAC), are pleased to invite you to participate in the Association Congress Latin American Medical Informatics “Infolac 2018”, in the XII International Congress of Informatics in Health and in the Regional Meeting of eHealth of the Americas representatives that will be held from April 23 to 27, 2018 , in the framework of the III edition of the International Convention “Cuba Salud 2018” , which will be held at the Havana Convention Center, Cuba.

“EHealth for sustainable development” is the central slogan that will promote this appointment of Information Technology, which will contribute to the sustainable development and quality of the health systems of the Member States, as well as the collaboration and support that should prevail among the participants of the contest. We invite you to send your contribution, to the scientific and technological discussion and to the exhibition of projects and initiatives of the main topics convened:

Thematic of the Congress

  1. Health and clinical practice / Health and clinical practice: Computing for Primary Health Care. IT in isolated communities. Open systems in health. Hospital management and automation. Quality assurance.
  2. Collaborative work and learning in Network / Collaborative work and learning network: Distance education in health. Knowledge and pedagogical practices in health in network education
  3. Informatics and the processes of Nursing / Networking for nursing development: Information technology in Care Management. Computer applications in nursing processes. Networking for the development of nursing. ICT in nursing teaching processes. Computer education and knowledge management in nursing.
  4. Telemedicine, medical technologies / Medical technologies and telemedicine: Telematics. Management of databases in computer applications for health. Internet as an instrument for health. Telemedicine M Health applications
  5. Informatics, society and health / Informatics, society and health: Regulations and regulations on the use of ICT in Health. Computing in public health. Advanced integrated information systems in health. Computer science in STIs / HIV / AIDS. Health surveillance. Health Information Security
  6. New information technologies and clinical practice

This appointment will take place 25 years after the 1st Latin American Congress of Medical Informatics, INFOLAC, took place in Havana. Dr. Marcelo Lúcio da Silva is confirmed by the new President and Dr. Luis Amado Espinosa Lobato, outgoing President of the International Medical Informatics Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (IMIA-LAC) and other important personalities in the area of ​​medical informatics.

The Organizing and Scientific Committee reiterates the invitation to present their professional contributions, as well as the commercial exhibitions in the International Exhibition Fair that will take place in the PABEXPO fairgrounds with the certainty that we will achieve the common objectives in a climate of friendship and cooperation.

This invitation is promotional and does not include any type of payment. 

We express in advance our acknowledgment for your kindness, hoping to have your personal welcome and the authorities to whom it is subordinated, the organizing committee greets you attentively, at the same time that it is at your disposal to clarify any doubts and pave the way to receive it in our city.

Mr. Marcelo Lúcio da Silva . President of IMIA LACMr. José Amado Espinosa Lobato . Outgoing President of the IMIA LACMrs. Esperanza O’Farrill Mons . President of the Medical Information Society (SOCIM)Mr. Ariel Delgado Ramos . National Director of Information Technology

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